Will Scarlett
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Dan Scarlett (father) †
Luke Scarlett (brother)
Jane Scarlett (mother) †
Djaq (wife)




Locksley (formerly)
Sherwood Forest (formerly)
The Holy Land



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  • Two axes
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"Will You Tolerate This?"

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"We Are Robin Hood!"


Stayed in the Holy Land

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Harry Lloyd

The youngest member of the group at nineteen, Will Scarlett (played by Harry Lloyd) is the son of Locksley's carpenter. Prior to the first episode, his mother died from starvation and his father lost a hand in punishment after Will and his brother poached food to survive. In the first series' premiere, he is to be hanged for stealing flour, but is saved by Robin, whom he joins in the forest as an outlaw.

In contrast with the traditionally hot-tempered Will Scarlett, this incarnation is generally slow to anger, quiet, shy, and often a voice of reason. Because of his knowledge of carpentry and locksmithing, he often finds unique ways of helping the gang. He favors two axes as weapons.

In "The Return of the King", near the end of the first season, Allan and Will (at Allan's urging) briefly court the idea of cutting and running with their share of the loot and going to Scarborough to live with Will's family. Ultimately they decide against it, returning in time to save Robin and the gang from getting killed, but not in time to save Marian from apparent death after being stabbed as the Night Watchman.

When Robin finds out there's a traitor amongst them, he and Will (in order to lure out the real informer, who turns out to be Allan) stage a fight and Will temporarily leaves the gang.

In "The Angel of Death", Will's father Dan is killed under command of the Sheriff. Mad with grief, Will sets out to poison the Sheriff in spite of the destruction of Nottingham that would result. Only after he is led to believe Robin is dying after drinking the poison does he relent. He also shows himself to be very protective of his frustrated brother Luke, tricking him into getting himself locked out of Nottingham so he will be forced to return to Scarborough.

In "A Good Day to Die" he and Djaq—who have been seen sneaking off together in one or two previous episodes that season—express their mutual love for each other; they remain in the Holy Land at the end of the second series. He bids Robin farewell by holding his tag, and declaring "We are Robin Hood!" for the last time.