We Are Robin Hood!





29 December 2007

Produced by

Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"A Good Day to Die"

Followed by

"Total Eclipse"

"We Are Robin Hood!" is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 26th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot Edit

The Black Knights plan to kill the King in the Holy Land. Learning of the plot from Allan, Robin and his gang, following Sheriff Vaisey and Guy of Gisborne to the Holy Land, try to warn the King , but he doesn't believe them, having been tricked into believing Robin has turned traitor and is here to assasinate him. The King ties up Robin and the outlaws, leaving them in the desert to die, and the sheriff soon adds a captured Lady Marian to their sad party. It is decided that this is a perfect time for Robin and Marian, tied back-to-back, to exchange marriage vows. Much cries, and just as they are nearing the end of the vows, Carter appears and rescues them. Seeing them alive and well after he said "Let the desert decide [whether you will die]", King Richard agrees to let Robin stand in for him in a supposed parlay with the Saracen prince.

The Sheriff shoots King Richard in the back and stabs Carter, wounding and killing, respectively. Marian runs in to prevent Guy from finishing the wounded Richard off. Guy tells her if she stands aside, he will forgive her and they can return to England to be together. She declares that she would rather die than marry him, and pronounces her love for Robin Hood. A shocked Guy runs her through and flees as Robin arrives, screaming Marian's name.

While Marian lies in the sand, dying, King Richard gives Robin his ring, to give to Marian. They finish their vows, weeping. She pulls the sword out of her stomach, dying only seconds later, and he carries her to her grave. Will and Djaq (who has been reunited with her people) decide to remain in the Holy Land together; Robin, Much, Little John and Allan are given the king's blessing; and the remaining characters make their way back to England.

Trivia Edit

  • Last Appearance of Marian alive
  • It is the last episode where we see Will and Djaq.
  • Marian and Robin get married
  • According to the DVD commentary, the Season Two finale included a scene in which Djaq gives Allan the pigeon carrier that he is seen carrying in the final shot of the episode. This scene would have presumably given closure to the Will/Djaq/Allan Love Triangle, but as it stands, the audience doesn't even get to see these three characters say goodbye to each other.

Cast Edit