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Friar Tuck (called Brother Tuck in the series) is a monk who is an ally of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. In most tales, he is portrayed as a kind but firm man. He lets nobody speak ill of himself or Robin Hood. He is a gentle person, but can be strict if needed. Friar Tuck knows when to be kind and when to be harsh, to that end he is a great fighter. He also often (but not in the series) portrayed as an overweight and sometimes obese man, which earned him the nickname "The Fat Friar". He also has a fondness of ale.

Friar Tuck[]

Played by David Harewood, Tuck is a warrior monk. Tuck trained as a priest at Fountains Abbey, but he became more and more disillusioned with the corruption of church and state and was eventually expelled for his outspoken views. He travelled as a monk across Europe and his experiences from his travels and his years in the Abbey made him realise that time is running out for England. Something has to be done now to stop the corruption.

An outspoken, passionate character, Tuck's left-field thinking can either be ingenious or make him a liability. He will at times tell Robin his plans, but never ask for his approval. If he thinks his plan is right he will carry it out. This often annoy Robin, especially as Tuck's plans can sometimes go wrong. But Robin can see the value in Tuck - he is strong and wise, an inspiring second in command. His passion for the cause is infectious and binds the outlaws strongly together.

Tuck joins the gang in the first episode of season three after saving the life of Robin, who was tossed over a cliff by Guy of Gisborne. Tuck betrays the gang at first in order to spur Robin into rescuing them, causing Robin (who was angry and disillusioned by the death of his wife Lady Marian) to realize that England still needs him. In the finale, Tuck is not sure that Allan is really a traitor, but goes along with Robin's plan. Then Tuck and Little John take the men of Locksley and sit in front of the gates of Nottingham, where the guards are taking Clun and Nettlestone's men to Prince John's aid, and Sheriff Isabella shoots him in the shoulder. Blamire is about to slaughter John when Kate arrives and tells a soldier to start with her. Then Robin and Guy's half-brother, Archer, steps in and kills the soldier. Suddenly Nettlestone and Clun turn on the soldiers, defeating them. Tuck's arm is bandaged and Isabella is captured by Kate. Tuck, Robin, Isabella, Guy and John watch the old Sheriff attack the castle, and Tuck grieves over Allan A Dale's death.


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