Treasure of the Nation





15 December 2007

Written by

Simon J. Ashford

Directed by

Matthew Evans

Produced by

Jane Hudson
Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

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Followed by

"A Good Day to Die"

"Treasure of the Nation" is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 24th episode of the series as a whole.


Robin and his gang are attacked in Sherwood forest by some men. The leader is revealed to be the King's guard, Legrand . He gives Robin a message, Thesauras Patriae, or Treasure of the Nation, and tells him it must be found by Midsummer's Day.

Guy discovers that Marian is the Nightwatchman. This comes as quite a shock to him as he had always thought that the Nightwatchman was a man. Richard Armitage , who plays Guy, calls Guy, "the dullest man in all of England," for not making this elementary observation that the 5 year old audience this show is geared to obviously could have made.

Guy is hurt and betrayed by this revelation that Marian has been lying to him, has an alter-ego, this alter-ego broke into his house the night before their wedding and punched him in the face. When she protests that she was only trying to "follow her heart" he crawls between her legs and counters that he was doing the same thing, that his heart had led him "always, to [her] door." She appears slightly perturbed. 

Meanwhile Robin and his men find Queen Eleanor, the Queen mother, who was betrayed by her son Prince John. She is very attracted to Little John, or her Big Bear, and plays a little 'grab-peasant' with him, who is very confused by this. They are ambused in the forest by The Sheriff, and Legrand is killed. The gang win in the end, and Queen Eleanor gives Robin a donation to the cause, before leaving for Aquitane.

Guy and Allan trick the Sheriff into believing The Night-Watchman has escaped, and Guy begs Marian to stay in the castle and make it 'bearable'

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