Total Eclipse





28 March 2009

Written by

Michael Chaplin

Directed by

Douglas Mackinnon

Produced by

Tom Mullens
Jane Hudson


Jonas Armstrong
Richard Armitage
David Harewood
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong

Preceded by

"We Are Robin Hood!"

Followed by

"Cause and Effect"

"Total Eclipse" is first episode of Season 3 of Robin Hood and the 27th episode of the series as a whole.


Months after the events of We Are Robin Hood!, Robin continues to deal with the agony of Marian's death by lashing out at his remaining gang members and attempting to enact revenge on Guy of Gisborne, his wife's killer. The two have a showdown in which Guy, a staggering insomniac suited up in rakishly sinister pirate garb from his recent Mediterranean travels, ultimately overpowers Robin and throws him from the newly discovered cliffs of Locksley. Guy's pained bellow reverberates throughout Nottinghamshire. Robin is rescued by a traveling monk named Tuck, who belongs to the brotherhood of tough love. Tuck teaches the disheartened outlaw to love again by introducing Robin to the line of plush action figures that has sprung up in his absence. As a dedicated man of God, Tuck knows that the ends justify the means, so he tricks Little John, Allan, and Much into a trap. They are set to be executed in the castle courtyard by giant flaming harpoon, but Robin, assisted by well-timed heavenly alignment, rescues his fellow outlaws and reestablishes himself as the Sheriff's main antagonizer. He bids good-bye to his manpain by burying one of his many flashy wedding rings in the forest. Meanwhile, Guy and the Sheriff are headed for a break-up.

Controversy Edit

During the confrontation in the castle courtyard, the show seems to suggest that the moon can experience two different lunar phases within a two minute period. Debate rages amongst experts.