The Angel of Death





27 October 2007

Written by

Julian Unthank

Directed by

Matthew Evans

Produced by

Jane Hudson
Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

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Followed by

"Ducking and Diving"

"The Angel of Death" is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 17th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot Edit

The sheriff experiments with biological warfare, using peasants as unwitting guinea pigs and sectioning them off by claiming that they have "the pestilence". Robin and his band, along with Marian, sneak into the barricades to see if they can help. They discover that a classist "doctor" named Joseph has (on the sheriff's orders) actually been experimenting with poison on the peasants. Joseph claims his poisons are "a thing of beauty", and doesn't seem to care that they cost lives. Robin and Marian find the book in which he'd been recording the poisons he was using, and Djaq uses the dangerous herb belladonna to purge the poison from the peasants' systems in time to save most of them.

Also in this episode, Will is reunited with his father and younger brother, but his father is killed by the sheriff near the beginning of the episode while trying to refute Will's poor opinion of him, and Will tricks his brother into going home to Scarborough in order to protect him from the dangers of being an outlaw.

Trivia Edit

Famed for his good looks, guest actor Christian Cooke once played a young biker who was infatuated with a gang leader, played by his Robin Hood co-star, Richard Armitage. Cooke was also in Doctor Who, season 4.

Cast Edit