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"Tattoo? What Tattoo?" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Robin Hood.


After being plagued with nightmares of his time in the Crusades, Robin, while sabotaging a feast at Locksley Manor , sees a tattoo on Sir Guy's arm which he recognizes as the same tattoo as was on the arm of a man he stopped from assassinating King Richard while in the Holy Land. He then becomes obsessed with killing Sir Guy, to the extent that his own men have to tie him up, along with Guy, whom they have captured. It is implied that the band doesn't believe Robin's story about Sir Guy's depravity; regardless, they insist on giving Guy a fair "trial", something Robin has always advocated but wants to forgo in this case because of the tattoo, which he sees as undeniable proof.

Meanwhile, Djaq is still imprisoned by the sheriff, who believes her to be a man. He catches her using acid to try to escape her cell, and locks her in a laboratory, commanding her to brew more of the acid for his use. She uses her knowledge of alchemy and skills with chemicals to escape the lab and her superstitious jailer and runs into the other outlaws, who have sneaked in to rescue her while Robin is tied up, but is recaptured before she can make her escape down a sewage drain with them.

Much—who is supposed to be guarding them —let's Robin loose. Robin begins threatening Guy, who attacks Robin's integrity in reply. Much stops Robin from torturing Guy, but runs off when Robin yells at him and tells him to go. Robin promptly unties Sir Guy, and a brutal- fistfight ensues, Guy tossing provocative insults at Robin the entire time. The fight becomes increasingly intense and follows through most of Sherwood Forest. They are evenly matched, and finally both are worn out. Sir Guy begins to make one last bawdy insinuation about Marian, and Robin knocks him unconscious, but is too exhausted to do anything further. Much finally returns with the other outlaws and Marian, who helps them get Robin back under control. They try and fail to persuade Robin to exchange Gisborne for Djaq, and during this exchange Allan and Will both blurt out that they have romantic feelings towards the Saracen girl. Robin refuses to agree to the exchange, so Little John is forced to knock him out again.

Despite Robin's objections, the band agrees on an exchange with the sheriff—who, on the way to the exchange, discovers Djaq is female, and makes lewd comments about her. In the midst of the exchange, Robin arrives, and shouts as Gisborne is leaving that he will have justice, as all he need do is show King Richard Guy's tattoo when he returns. The irritated sheriff, notwithstanding Guy's agonised whimpering, promptly burns the tattoo from Guy's arm with the last of Djaq's confiscated acid, telling him it serves him right for being so stupid as to give himself a permanent mark and "painting your arm like a girl".

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Robin dreams about Guy in Photoshop collages. Guy has an unfortunate tattoo. The most epic grade school fight between Robin and Guy lasts most of the episode.