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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)" is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Robin Hood and the 39th and final episode of the series as a whole.


Robin leads his army to war as the Sheriff's forces close in. But who will survive the final battle of Nottingham?


  • This episode makes several references to the very first episode, Will You Tolerate This?.
    • When hiding in the tunnels, Robin forgets to wait for the last man, the very thing he himself had warned Much about in the first episode.
    • Robin brushes his hand through the grass as he makes his final return to Sherwood Forest, mirroring how he brushed his hand through the grass when returning to Locksley in the first episode. This shows how he now sees Sherwood as his home.
    • Moreover, several other catchphrases return having been absent all season, notably "Today is a good day to die", "Brothers in arms" and "We are Robin Hood".
  • The real historical event of King Richard being taken prisoner by Leopold of Austria takes place.
  • The series was cancelled after 3 seasons because Jonas Armstrong had decided that he did not want to a fourth season and wanted to leave the series, so he could move on to other projects. The showrunners could not figure out a way to keep the series going without its main star and since Maid Marian had died at the end of the previous season, it was decided Robin was to die at the end of the third season.
    • If a fourth season had happened, without its titular protagonist, Much, Kate, Tuck, John and Archer would have continued what Robin started by fighting Prince John.