Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1)





20 June 2009

Written by

Ryan Craig

Directed by

Matthew Evans

Produced by

Jane Hudson
Tom Mullens


Jonas Armstrong
Richard Armitage
David Harewood
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Lara Pulver
Clive Standen
Joanne Froggatt

Preceded by

"The Enemy of My Enemy"

Followed by

"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)"

"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1)" is the twelfth episode of Season 3 of Robin Hood and the 38th episode of the series as a whole.


In this episode Isabella has ordered her men to capture villagers from Locksley, Clun and Nettlestone to use as soldiers. Robin and the gang, includind Guy of Gisbourne, manage to stop this. Isabella is fed up of Robin winning all of the time and sets out on a mission to target Robin's weakness, his gang. She starts by persuading Kate's mother to plant Isabella's locket within Robin's belongs to prove that he still loves her. Meanwhile, Archer goes to the castle to meet with Isabella. His half-sister. When he tells her he is her brother she is unimpressed and sends him to the dungeon. He manages to escape. Kate's mother plants the locket in Robin's things. When it falls out in the camp Tuck finds it and shows it to Gisbourne who reveals that their mother gave it to Isabella. Much thinks Gisbourne brought it in. Kate finds the locket and returns to her mother. Robin and the gang are plotting to take the castle and hold Isabella hostage through a secret tunnel. Gisbourne had supervised the building of the tunnel when he was working with the old sheriff. He says they had "silenced" everyone involved in the building of it. So they all prepare. Meanwhile, Isabella tells Blamire, her right hand man, to read out a fake proclamation to the people of Nottingham revealing that Allan A Dale has been made a free man for his services to Isabella. Tuck and John overhear this. Meanwhile, Archer finds out about the secret tunnel into the castle. He uses it to enter the castle, surprises Isabella , and speaks to her again. He reveals he can get Robin and Gisbourne killed. She accepts him as her brother. John runs back in the camp grabbing Allan and branding him a traitor. Pleading his innocennce, Allan says he has not betrayed the gang for a second time and finally gets fed up with the gangs mistrust in him and tries to make an exit before John ties him up. Robin, Guy and Much try to get into the castle through the tunnel whilst Tuck and John, accompanied by many villagers, try to stop Blamire and his troops leaving Nottingham by sitting down on the road. In the tunnel Robin, Guy and Much get caught in Archer's trap and get buried in limestone. Kate's mother tells her the truth, and she returns returns to the gang and as Blamire is just about to kill Tuck she steps in the way. A guard goes to strike,but Archer, inspired by the groups courage, saves her and joins their fight. Allan escapes the camp and spots the old Sheriff on the way to Nottingham. He tries to warn Robin only to be killed by a hail of arrows. Archer and Kate save Robin, Guy and Much and they all take Isabella. As they take the castle Much calls Robin over to see a dead body wrapped up. They realise it is Allan and the gang look angry at themselves for not trusting him. Gisbourne spots the old Sherriff with an army. Robin looks angrily on as it was the Sheriff who killed Allan.



Allan is shot from behind then he spots the Sheriff in front. It must have been the soldiers rather than the Sheriff himself.