6 October 2007

Written by

Dominic Minghella

Directed by

Ciaran Donnelly

Produced by

Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"A Clue: No"

Followed by

"The Booby and the Beast"

"Sisterhood" is the first episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 14th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with a shot of Robin lying half-buried under the leaves of Sherwood Forest with an arrow in his eye, apparently dead. A mysterious blond woman named Davina and her guards, passing through on their way to Nottingham, are about to pickpocket Robin's remains, but he leaps up—revealing it to be a hoax designed to catch rich travelers unaware—and he and his band ambush them, stealing among things a ring off Davina's finger. We find that Will has designed an elaborate and well-hidden hideout for the outlaws. Allan discovers that the ring he stole from Davina bears the sheriff's insignia, alerting Robin to the possibility that she is more than a mere traveler.

At the orders of the sheriff, Gisborne burns down Marian's house and arrests her and Edward.

Robin, Allan and Much go to Nottingham Town, and a bored Allan is caught by Gisborne while gambling in a tavern. Robin meets a woman named Rose, who is tied to a post in the square, claiming she's taking punishment on behalf of her children. The sheriff emerges and declares that her kindness is useless, as the children are going to lose their hands anyway. Robin leaps in to save them, but is captured by the sheriff's men. "Rose" takes off her disguise and is revealed to be the blond woman the gang ambushed earlier—actually the sheriff's sister. It was all a ruse to capture Robin.

Robin is tied up and–in the presence of the Black Knights, under the direction of Davina—methodically lowered into a pit of snakes (Davina's "babies"). He lies to Gisborne, refusing to reveal that he knows the identity of the Night Watchman. When Robin's gang creates a diversion with an attack on the castle, he is left alone to die, inch by inch. He manages to escape the ropes and climb out of reach of the snakes, but Davinia returns. Robin grabs her leg and she falls into the pit, where she is bitten by her own snakes. Robin lifts her out and is about to leave when the sheriff returns. Robin pulls a bow on the sheriff, but Davina reveals that if the sheriff dies an unnatural death, there is a standing order for all of Nottingham to be razed to the ground. Unsure if she is bluffing, Robin makes his escape, leaving the sheriff cradling the body of his dying sister.

Meanwhile, Gisborne's man has been torturing Allan, and in desperation, Allan at last agrees to be Gisborne's double agent, selling him information about Robin's movements in return for money and an eventual noble title when the king is dead. He returns to the outlaws' camp with a story about getting into a brawl, but it is implied that Djaq sees the red velvet bag of money he received from Gisborne. All the outlaws speculate about what they would have done had Robin died, but Robin tells them they would be able to carry on their work without him, saying "We are all Robin Hood!", a motto that catches on and is frequently reiterated by several members of the gang throughout the second season.

Cast Edit