Show Me the Money





17 November 2007

Written by

Julian Jones

Directed by

James Erskine

Produced by

Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"For England...!"

Followed by

"Get Carter!"

"Show Me the Money" is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 20th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot Edit

Robin's men capture a lovelorn young knight, John of York, in the forest claiming to be on his way to the castle to pay off the bond for a servant girl, Beatrice, whom he plans to marry. He tells them that the debt is two thousand pounds, but though he has only ten shillings, he plans to put whatever dent he can in the huge debt. A dubious Robin tells him that if he can prove that's the truth, they will pay off Beatrice's debt. He shows them his meager ten shillings, and Robin is forced to follow through on his promise.

However, the man who owns Beatrice's bond (a clergyman named Canon of Birkley), doesn't want to give her up and tells John that there are another five hundreds pounds of "early redemption charges" that still need to be paid, and that until those are paid Beatrice is still the property of the church. Allan recognizes the boxes and tells the sheriff that Robin must have given John the money to pay for Beatrice and Allan claims he would only do that if he knew he could get it back. The sheriff devises a plan to catch Robin—he places all the contents of his vault, including the money for Beatrice, in a cage outside Nottingham Castle. There's no way Robin can reach it without being seen.

Meanwhile, Marian discovers that Allan told Gisborne all the secret passages Robin and his men use to get in and out of the castle. She visits her father in prison, and they argue. Before she goes, Edward takes the dagger she uses as a hairpin. Marian tells Gisborne that her father needs a physician, and runs off to warn Robin that Allan is leading Gisborne to the outlaws' secret camp. Robin and his men ambush Gisborne and Allan. Allan saves Gisborne. Robin follows them back to the castle, where he and Allan duel. Marian stops Robin from killing Allan, but threatens to kill him herself if he ever exposes her secret identity as the Night Watchman.

Edward kills his guard and escapes the dungeon, sneaking into the sheriff's room to steal the pact of the Black Knights. Robin, who had stopped in to do the same thing while in the midst of escaping and rescuing Beatrice, helps him. Robin, John, and Beatrice all make their escape safely, but Edward is murdered by a furious Birkley, who is in turn shot by Robin. Edward manages to give Robin a message for Marian before he dies: "It's good to dream."

Gisborne finds the bodies, and runs to fetch Marian, who is devastated. When Gisborne attempts to comfort her, she flees his embrace. He chases her back to the castle, where he makes a peace-offering by revealing that Edward's guard was killed with Marian's dagger. Taken aback, Marian allows Guy to hold her as she cries. Guy makes his move too hastily, first asking (indirectly) her to marry him, and then attempting to kiss her. Furious, she runs away and into the safety of her room, where she crumples, sobbing, into the arms of Robin, who was waiting for her. Robin passes on Edward's last words to her, which let her know he was proud of her and had forgiven her for the harsh words that had passed between them before his death.

Marian flees with Robin to the forest, to the join the outlaws. John of York and Beatrice are happily married.

Cast Edit