Royston White
Royston White
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1192 (Nottingham Castle aged 25)


Mary (mother)


Sherwood Forest

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"Will You Tolerate This?"

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"Parent Hood"


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William Beck

Royston White or Roy was an Outlaw and what he considered to be a dead man. He was a member of Little John's gang with Forrest and Hanton who stole money from the rich to survive. He usually thought of himself of butch, tough and surly, however when his mothers life is at stake, he shows his sensibility. When confronted by the Sheriff, Roy is asked to watch his mother, Mary, hang or kill newly alleged Robin Hood of Locksley. He normally came with good idea's in the gang, like a trap to take the Guards horses and to mock Sir Guy of Gisborne. He was often regarded, by Little John as his best friend and a honourable ally. After Roy's death in the Castle, The gang returns to light a funeral pyre, the night he died. John took his Outlaw dog tag and said he'd wear it with honour and pride, after placing his favoured weapon, his Mace on the fire. His mother was also at the Funeral. She dropped a single rose as a farewell gift.

His Forest Edit

When Robin Hood returned from Acre, with former manservant Much, he saved Will Scarlett, Allan A Dale, Luke Scarlett and Benedict Giddens, from being hanged. The Lord of Locksley nicely cut the ropes around their necks with four arrows. Robin, however, through this move was stripped of Lordship and Earldom and is Outlawed. When they go and live in Sherwood Forest John's gang, including Roy attacks them then ties Allan, Robin and Much to trees, not noticing Will had escaped. Roy and the gang steal all of the wealthy things from Robin and Much. After deciding that they should stop tying each other up, Roy and Robin decides to turn himself in to the Sheriff, and is taken to the castle. Robin's gang first gain some respect when Robin saves Little John's wife Alice Little their gangs merge.

Captured Edit

Roy created a plan. He realized if he caught the attention of some guards, they'd follow him, obviously on horseback. There was some string tied between two trees, When the guards rode through it they were flung of their horses, so Robin and the gang could steal some horses for transportation. Robin laughs in Guy of Gisborne's face and disappears into the forest. It was only when the gang returned to the rendezvous they realized a small baby in the bushes. Allan stated that it was lucky to be alive; there were hoof prints all around it. Then the gang realized Guy wasn't quite so stupid. He had put unique hooves on the horses so they could be tracked. The gang had a massive battle with guards. The guards knocked out Roy and took him back to Nottingham Castle where he was imprisoned and tortured. He kept on repeating the same line during his torture "I am Royston White, I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard." It was there he got to know Annie, a servant, who had a baby with Gisborne called Seth. After meeting his mother, who thought he was dead, Roy is confronted with the biggest dilemma of his life. To kill good friend Robin Hood or to watch his mother hang. He made up his mind and tried to kill Robin in a barn. He fails and is asked why he did it. Then the gang went to Nottingham and saved Roy's mother. But he was killed by the Sheriff's guards.



Tribute to Royston White

Tribute to Royston White