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Robin Hood
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Light Brown


October 14, 1163, Locksley, England


1194, Sherwood Forest, England (age 30)


Malcolm (father) †
Archer (half-brother)
Marian of Knighton (wife) †
Edward of Knighton(father-in-law) †


Locksley, England


Locksley Manor (formerly)
Sherwood Forest (died)


Former: Lord of Locksley
Former: Leader of the Outlaws

  • Lord
  • Earl

Robin Hood

Weapon(s) owned
  • Recurve Bow
  • Sword
Behind the scenes
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"Will You Tolerate This?"

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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)"


Death (poisoned by Isabella)

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Jonas Armstrong
Charlie Rowe (young Robin)

Robin Hood, previously known as Robin of Locksley, was the Lord of Locksley and the Earl of Huntingdon. He was seen as a hero across Nottinghamshire for giving up his own titles to save the peasants of Locksley and across Nottinghamshire. Often seen by his men as thoughtful and brave, he is also known for being arrogant, naive, and for risking other people's lives for his own glory. Robin fought for King Richard in Acre, Israel, during the Third Crusade with his manservant Much whom Robin made a free man after his return from the Holy Land. Robin, after his return, lost his lands, house and title and was Outlawed, becoming the people of Nottinghamshire's only hope, prompting him to start the gang of Outlaws. He, Much, Will, Allan, Little John and Saracen Djaq formed their gang in 1192. Robin continued doing what he did best, 'Stealing from the Rich and giving to the poor,' until his wife Marian of Knighton was stabbed by Guy of Gisborne, childhood enemy and later Lord of Locksley. He dispatched the gang and confronted Sir Guy, challenging him to a fight, which he lost. Sir Guy threw Robin down off a large rock and into the River Trent. He was recovered by Brother Tuck, a wise African monk, and the gang was reborn, this time with Kate of Locksley, a girl who wished for her brother Matthew of Locksley to not have died in vain. After Robin finds Archer, his and Gisborne's half brother, he rebells against Prince John. He has a showdown against Vaisey of Nottingham, Blamire and Isabella Thornton and during the fight is cut in the neck with a poisoned knife. In the very last episode of the series, Robin dies while leaning against a tree, his spirit reunited with the spirit of Marian, the love of his life.

Fighting in the CrusadesEdit

Robin, with his manservant, Much, left England in 1186

to fight in the Holy Land. Robin was trained by a man named Sheridan, and he and Much were considered elite enough to join the Private Guard. The men joined the Private guard and fought on many occasions alongside the King. Locksley saw many men died, a lot of them dying in his arms, like Thomas, who had earlier led an attack on a village with Matthew Kent and Morgan Foster. He also was there when the King was being ambushed by Saracen's in Acre. Locksley was woken by a scream of a dying soldier, and he quickly ran outside, calling for Much, telling him to wake up and that the King's tent was under attack. Robin ran out of his tent and crouched. He drew back his arrow and fired. After killing two more Saracen invaders, he was stabbed in the chest. With a agonising scream, he fell to the ground. Much quickly found Robin, who was just managing to get ready to fire. He shot, but missed. The Saracen warrior ran into the King's tent. Much looked at Robin in dispair, noticing that he was wounded. Robin only said get help. Obeying orders, Much did as he said. Robin crawled to his feet and ran to the tent. The attacker was ready to stab the King in the chest when Robin hit him over. His attacks were sloppy due to the injury, however he managed to put up a fight. When the attacker turned to run, Robin pulled his arm, and cut  his tattoo. Robin then collapsed, and the attacker fled. He didn't know that he would have reoccuring nightmares and flashbacks. Locksley said that everytime he pulled his bow and prepared to shoot, he saw the dead and the wounded. After being stabbed by the King's attacker, Robin was sent home with a Recurve Bow and a Scimitar. He and Much returned to England in 1192, after five years service in Palestine, because of his wound. For most of 1192 when he fought back in England, he didn't kill anyone, because he couldn't bring himself to do it. After saving Allan A Dale from losing a finger, Robin returns to Locksley to claim back his estate. He turns up to meetings with the cruel Vaisey of Nottingham. He then talks to the temporary Lord of Locksley during his absence, Guy of Gisborne who was his childhood enemy. He returned to a Locksley villager and family friend, Dan Scarlett, a carpenter, who's built half of Locksley. Dan's children Will and Luke, along with their friend Benedict Giddens, were caught stealing bread and were to hang for it. Robin then went to see Edward of Knighton, his ex-fiance's father, the old Sheriff of Nottingham. Edward, who has had to go to the meetings said that Robin has to wait for the rest of the Lord of Nottinghamshire to follow him in thinking that killing boys after stealing bread is wrong. Waiting would meen Will and Luke Scarlett would die, something Robin couldn't allow to happen. Locksley turned up to the hanging. It had been requested, by Sheriff Vaisey, that Robin was to read the Introduction before the 'entertainment.' The Scroll read :-

Let it be heard and known, about the lands and realms of Richard, his majesty, King of England, and on this, the twenty-sixth day of April, and the year of our Lord 1192, the following men, having been tried under law and found guilty; Benedict Giddens of Locksley, Will Scarlett of Locksley, Luke Scarlett of Locksley, Allan A Dale of Locksley. These same men have been sentenced to hang by a rope, until they are dead.

The Jailer and the executioner pulled the lever, taking the stools away from under the boys feet. Robin then knocked out a Guard and took his Long Bow and his arrows. He shot the ropes and freed the boys. However, Much was going to be thrown off the castle if Robin rebelled. Robin solved the problem by throwing a sword at the guards, and knocking them out. Much, Benedict, Allan, Will and Luke with Robin, ran out of Nottingham Castle. Dan and Luke moved to Scarborough, and Robin was Outlawed. Allan and Will however vowed to join Locksley in his struggle against injustice in England. The Outlaws were settling down for sleep when they were ambushed by Little John's Gang. Robin and the gang, except Will were tied up.

Working for the PoorEdit

Robin continued to work for the peasants of Nottinghamshire, although he was putting his life in danger almost every time he did. He thought of himself as representing King Richard when villagers thought he was the last glimmer of hope in England. Robin helped the poor when he was being framed for assassinating, feeding Clun and saving England from Greek Fire. He also saved the villages from a massive tax rise, which would happen after the Abbess, Cedric and Flaxton steal most of Vaisey's money. Instead of handing the money back, Hood gave it to villages that need it, to prepare them from the hike. Also, when Lucky George came to town, Robin had to find out where the money Lucky George was taking was going. That managed to sort itself out, but he still needed to save Allan's brother Tom but was too late. He then worked for a day over personal issues. It was the 8th September, Richard I's birthday. Not only did Guy of Gisborne ask Marian to Marry him, Robin had a flashback of fighting in Acre, when the King's tent was under attack. He saw himself get stabbed, and remembered the insignia of the Saracen Assassins assigned to kill King Richard. The Saracen who got so close to killing Richard had the sign tattooed on his right arm, that Robin cut. Later that day, after raiding the celebration of the King's birthday in Locksley Manor, Robin saw the cut Tattoo, on the arm of Gisborne. Gisborne went to the Holy Land to Kill the King. It all added up. Gisborne had said to him upon his arrival at Locksley Manor that he'd seen him fight, and he recognized the eyes. When Djaq came in danger though, Robin handed over Guy, for safe return of Djaq. When the transition was made, The Sheriff, with Djaq's special acidic formula, burnt off Gisborne's tattoo, and asked him to think twice about painting his arm like a girl. Back to helping the poor, and the Sheriff has acquired a new 'Black Powder.' When the Sheriff gets it though, the Provider, Lambert has three conditions, one of which being; it should never be used as a weapon. When the Sheriff disagrees, Lambert refuses to provide the Black Powder. He is tortured until the Sheriff finds the location of the Formula book, which he gave to Robin Hood's Gang. When the gang throw the formula on the fire, Djaq, takes it out and keeps it, where she used it again on Robin's birthday the year later, to frighten the Mercenaries surrounding the Barn in Nettlestone Village. Then, when a man, nicknamed Harold by Much, burnt down the Christian Church in Locksley, and then attacked Djaq the Saracen, Much imprisoned him. Harold explained how when he saw a boy fishing, he looked in the river and sees bodies, and how the Saracens muddled his mind and to some extent control his actions. Much relates to him as they were both Crusaders, Much fighting in Acre and Harold in Tripoli. By Much listening to him and with the help of Scientist Prince Malik, a visitor to Nottingham and nephew of Saladin, Harold is partially cured of the condition and returns to Jerusalem to fight alongside the King. Robin also helps Little John find his son, Little Little John, and his wife Alice Little, and comforts him when they move away from Nottinghamshire with Alice's new man, Luke Cooper.

The King is ComingEdit

Marian told Sir Guy she would marry him once the King returns. News reaches Nottingham that the King is returning. Robin's immediate reaction is to try and stop the wedding, but is the real king coming? Vaisey of Nottingham is scheming, little does anyone else know, the King isn't coming, but an impostor, is. That way the Sheriff can discover the rats trying to turf him out and that are disloyal, and Gisborne can Marry Marian. Gisborne shows Marian the gold he is giving her once they are married. However Marian in disguise as the Night-watchman, decides to steal the gold and give it to the poor. Robin is there too, in Locksley Manor, and is protecting and detected Night-watchman, the gang hold the guards and Gisborne at gunpoint and he allows the Nightwatchman to make her escape, sort of. With a quick jab, Guy stabbed Marian, unaware that it is her disguised as the Night Watchman, she appears to die, despite Robin and Djaq's efforts to save her. Robin, utterly devastated, breaks down over her body and admits that he loves her. After a viscous battle, which the gang win near The Cave, one of the gangs many hideouts where Allan and Will admit considering leaving the gang, She survives, her 'death' attributed to the shutting down of her body following the stab wound, and hemlock, applied by the treacherous physician Pitts, shot upon order by Gisborne's Archers. Marian decides to go ahead with the wedding to Guy, and Robin, furious and heart-broken, abandons his men. He viciously rebuffs Much's attempts to comfort him and packs up to leave Nottingham. He stops in his tracks when he hears Much interrupting Marian's wedding and reaches the ceremony in time to see Marian leave Guy at the altar. He gives her a ride to the castle after Gisborne reveals his true colors. At the Castle, Marian gets off the horse and they go in different directions in a hope to save her father, but Robin calls her back and they give each other a kiss. Robin gets his fighting spirit back, saving Marian's father Edward from being killed by the Sheriff, like Walter of Merton was, and redeeming himself to Much by preventing the Sheriff from slitting his throat.

In series 2, Robin and Marian's relationship has developed, and after Marian's father dies, she joins Robin in the forest. Robin remains somewhat jealous of her relationship with Guy, but she remains faithful. In episode 9, Lardner's Ring, Robin proposes to Marian again, which she accepts, but soon finds herself back in the castle with Guy. In the final episode of series 2, he marries Marian as she lies dying, before carrying her to her grave.

Series 3 takes place months after Marian's death, as Robin and the remaining outlaws return to England. Robin, now bent on avenging his wife's murder, sends away his friends out of anger (and a personal desire to ensure they don't meet the same fate) and heads to Locksley to kill Gisborne. Their vicious fight ends with Robin being thrown over a cliff. Tuck heads downstream and find's Robin unconscious, and alive, body. He takes Robin into a cave and feeds and warms him. After many attempted escapes, Tuck convinces Robin that he is England's only chance to be free; that he is the sole person giving the people hope. Robin is thankful to Tuck for showing him the way, and he realises that he must keep fighting.

After an encounter with Gisborne in the woods, both men are told a tale by a mysterious figure who reveals unknown and unclear aspects of their pasts. The figure reveals to Robin and Gisborne that Robin's father, Malcolm, and Gisborne's mother, Ghislaine, followed through with an affair that secretly produced a child; Robin and Gisborne's half-brother, Archer. The figure is revealed to be Malcolm himself, thought dead in a fire in Locksley many years ago and now living in a leper colony. Robin is furious with his father for leaving him all alone in the world, but eventualy forgives his father out of love and being told that Malcolm is close to death. Malcolm pleads with Robin and Gisborne to travel to York to rescue Archer, who is set to be hanged. After explaining to the outlaws that Gisborne is now one of the men, Robin and Gisborne finally set aside their differences and head to York together.

The pair are sucessful in rescuing Archer, however Archer, after a life of poverty, is only interested in finding himself money and title. Robin and Gisborne try to talk Archer into joining them in the fight against Isabella and Prince John, but he refuses. Robin and Gisborne ride back to Nottingham without him.

After hearing about a possible revolt against the King, who is apparently returning from the Holy Land, Robin decides that now is the time to go all out and attack the castle. The outlaws split up and gather together a mass of loyal villagers from Locksley, Clun and Nettlestone. After a series of "We are Robin Hood."

Personality and traitsEdit


Robin Hood

Robin was an exceptionally selfless person who always put other people's needs before his own, willing to walk straight into enemy territory if it meant saving other people. He was clever, heroic and undaunted by authority, always ready to stand up to people of higher status if necessary. Robin also possessed a rather dry sense of humour. However—due to his talent for making frequent escapes from perilous situations—he was often arrogant and sometimes too sure of himself. He possessed a strong sense of idealism, but when this image was shattered (such as when Marian nearly married Gisborne, or after her death) he could become neurotically unstable and reckless.

Robin was very loyal to his friends, King Richard, and—most of all—Marian. He remained loyal to King Richard even after Richard tried to have them executed in the Season Two finale, because he knew that Sheriff Vaisey had "spun him a story" and that it wasn't the king's fault. He could show some rather dark traits when faced with treachery, as proven in "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" (where he was even willing to use torture on Sir Guy after discovering he had attempted to assassinate King Richard). He fired a arrow at sir guy and guy picks up the arrow and plucks it into robins chest


Robin was prodigiously skilled with a bow, and when using the weapon, he virtually never missed his target. (In some of the traditional Robin Hood legends the sheriff used this as a way to entrap him, holding contests which Robin could not pass up, and which he always won with amazing feats of skill, thus proving his identity).

He was also an extremely skillful swordsman, serving as one of King Richard's private guard during the war. He fought with a curved sword and was shown to be a highly skilled warrior, able to fight several opponents simultaneously. His fighting style was based on cunning, stealfuck


Marian Shooting

Marian in the first episode Will You Tolerate This?

Robin's relationship with Marian was mostly a romantic one. In the first season, she was hostile and aloof to him. Robin always tries to charm and flirt with her but she usually rejects him. The reason for this was because Robin left for the Holy Land and she felt he left her. She admits that it seems like they are always going in opposite directions. Even if this is so, she still helps him by giving information from the inside. She usually says that what he is doing is foolish but in a later episode she admits she thinks he is a hero. When she got stabbed by Guy in episode 12, Robin tells her that he should not have left because they should be together and married. When she apparently dies, he admits that he loves her. When he finds out that she is still going through with her marriage to Guy, he considers leaving Nottingham due to being heartbroken. When Much goes to the wedding, he shouts that Marian's heart belongs to another (Robin). Robin arrives to find Marian, leaving Guy at the altar. When they go to save Marian's father and foil the Sheriff's plan, they go into opposite gates (Marian to the East, Robin to the West). Robin then calls Marian's name and leans from his horse and kisses her. He then winks at her after he and his gang leave for Sherwood.

In Season 2, they are more affectionate with each other. They usually kiss on several occasions and always share tender moments (examples are when he says that England needs him and he needs Marian, he carries her in his arms when she gets down from the roof, and also when she sees him again after thinking he was dead, they hug, happy to be in each other's arms). She is still able to spy for him since she and her father are under house arrest. In episode 9, Robin proposes to Marian and she accepts, but only after they have successfully brought King Richard back and defeated the sheriff. They get married in the final episode, only because Marian is dying, stabbed by Guy of Gisbourne .


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