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Sam Troughton

Much, portrayed by Sam Troughton, is Robin's former manservant and good friend who followed his master to the Crusades. Troughton described his character to The Sunday Times as "an innocent who has lost his innocence. As Robin's right-hand man, Much is sometimes daft, forever hungry, and forever committed to both Robin and his cause. Given his freedom on their return to England, he remains a loyal right-hand man to Robin, and is often seen to be jealous of the attention Robin gives to others, especially Lady Marian. However, though he sometimes grows resentful of Robin—he expresses these feelings quite explicitly in "A Good Day to Die"—he remains constant, often risking his own health and happiness to secure Robin's. This is valiantly illustrated in the season one finale ("A Clue: No"), when a shattered Robin (devastated because Marian is going to marry Guy of Gisborne) cruelly rebuffs Much's attempts to cheer him, calling him common, fatuous, dimwitted, and superficial, and tells him to get lost for good. Much leaves first in anger, but then goes to interrupt Marian's wedding to try to convince her to come back to Robin, despite that doing so will certainly get him arrested.

As the voice of fear, but also sometimes the voice of reason, Much undercuts Robin's idealism. Much likes orderly living in the outlaws' camp and is usually the chef, always complaining that he has to both catch and cook the food, and taking any insults to his cooking personally. While his antics are frequently a source of comic relief to the viewing audience, his fellow outlaws tend to find him irritating and often shout at him to shut up. Despite this, Much keeps his dignity well intact.

Unlike previous incarnations of the character Much the Miller's Son, he is not portrayed in the series as having been a miller's son — indeed, in "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?", he claims to have no family at all. Promised the estate at Bonchurch by Robin before they are outlawed, he briefly takes up residence there in "A Thing or Two About Loyalty" when the Sheriff tries to coax him out of Robin's gang. In this episode, Much develops feelings for a young maid named Eve. Towards the end, they share a kiss and Much says he will return to her when there is justice again. When Kate joins the outlaw band, Much fall for her—comforting her after her brother dies—but she rebuffs him harshly, having fallen in love with Robin. In the episode "A Dangerous Deal", he briefly leaves the outlaws out of his jealousy, but returns when he sees Isabella's plans to trick the gang and kill Robin.


Much was unfailingly loyal to Robin Hood and appeared to be devoted to his master to the point of being willing to die so that Robin would live. He was very brave, and stood up to the Sheriff on one occasion on Robin's behalf. However, he fatally lacked self-confidence and independence unlike other members of the gang. He was proud, and disagreed with the idea of being the 'servant' of Robin Hood's gang.


Much was an expert swordsman and was more than capable in battle. He fought essentially with a sword and circular shield and was extremely fast. Although he seemed to be no avid fan of violence, he is seen to be the first to pull punches in a fight, much like Little John or Guy of Gisborne.

He was also a highly skilled archer and infrequently wielded a Saracen-designed bow, much like his master.


Behind the Scenes

Sam Troughton's grandfather, Patrick Troughton, played television's first Robin Hood in 1953.


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