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Little John
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Alice Little (wife)
Little Little John (son)


Locksley, England


Locksley (formerly)
Sherwood Forest



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"Will You Tolerate This?"

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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)"

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Gordon Kennedy

Little John (actual name John Little; his name is referenced as a joke because of his great height and broad shoulders), played by Gordon Kennedy, is a former resident of Locksley. John was outlawed many years ago; his wife Alice and his son Little Little John believe that he is dead until they encounter each other in the Sheriff's dungeons in the episode "Dead Man Walking". Prior to meeting Robin, John is the leader of an outlaw band in the forest consisting of Royston White, Forrest and Hanton. The band captures Robin, Much and Allan at the end of the first episode, departing from the traditional meeting of John and Robin where they battle with quarterstaffs over who can cross a river first. "We had a different version for their meeting and we had something so horrible going on in the episode that a jolly fight was entirely inappropriate," the programme's showrunner Dominic Minghella told the Radio Times. John dislikes Robin initially, but agrees to follow him when he realises that Robin can help Alice and the people of Locksley. He is a bit cantankerous and bad-tempered, but loyal to the group and very softhearted towards the poor, risking the secrecy of the gang's hideout in one episode in order to care for a supposedly sick family (though in reality it was Sheriff Vaisey in disguise). He also acts quite fatherly to some of the younger members, such as Will and Marian (both of whom lost their fathers in series 2). He generally fights with a thick quarterstaff. He often uses the catchphrase, "It's a good day to die!" when the band is about to enter a fight they feel they might not win; in the episode of the same name, he reveals (because Much is pestering him) that he is wracked with guilt over what he feels was an abandonment of his wife and son, and feels that he deserves to die; this is why he always says that phrase.


John was shown frequently to be extremely strong and physically resilient, with incredible durability and endurance. His fighting style emphasized grapple moves combined with extremely hard blows with his thick branch.


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