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"Him, I liked"
Little John regarding Legrand.

Legrand was a fighter loyal to King Richard. He, and two of his men, were sent to find Robin and deliver a message which would lead the gang to treasure in the episode "Treasure of the Nation". He and his men stuck with Robin as they solved the puzzles. Throughout the quest, a rivalry developed between Little John and himself regarding their strength. While trapped in an underground safe room, Legrand tries to lift the rock door open and get everyone out. However, he cannot so Little John attempts it. Little John succeeds in lifting the door high enough for everyone to escape under his legs. Unfortunately, Little John was stuck and couldn't escape without being crushed, so Legrand helped him out and the two put aside their differences and became friends. After finding the treasure, which turned out to be Queen Eleanor, Legrand and his men join Robin as they escort the Queen to safety. Unfortunately, Vaisey and his mercenaries ambush them, with archers on both sides and Vaisey and others in front and behind them, and a confrontation begins. Legrand charges Vaisey but is shot with an arrow. Shrugging it off, Legrand continues fighting, killing the three mercenaries near Vaisey. As Legrand raises his staff to kill Vaisey, another arrow hits him, giving Vaisey the time to stab him in the stomach. Robin and company fight off Vaisey and the mercenaries and quickly rush to Legrand's side. He asks about the Queen and is reassured that she is safe. He lets out a joyous laugh before passing away.


  • Legrand was a large and strong man and can be compared to Little John. For this, they had a rivalry that quickly ends.
  • The Queen flirts with Little John throughout their journey and this greatly amused Legrand.