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Kate is a villager from Locksley who becomes an outlaw in Season 3. She is the daughter of Rebecca and the sister of Matthew and Maggie.


Series 3[]

Kate joins Robin Hood's outlaws in the second episode of the the third season after they save her from getting killed while she is trying to rescue her brother from being sold to an Irish trader named Finn. She sneaks into Nottingham Castle but is caught by Sir Guy. In order to save Matthew's life, she reveals that Robin is with the village men being sold, and he is planning to help them escape. Gisborne uses her as leverage to stop Robin, resulting in the death of Matthew. Her grief at her brother's death spurs her to fight against the sheriff as an outlaw, much to her mother's chagrin, who thinks Robin Hood is a fool and a vagrant. Kate goes back to the outlaws, explains what she did, and asks to help them save the village men. After a bit of argument, the outlaws consent to have her join them on the condition that they save Robin first, and that she follows Tuck's orders and doesn't play hero, to which she reluctantly agrees.

She harbors a deep hatred of Sheriff Vaisey and Gisborne, going so far as to assault Gisborne when he joins their band later in the season. Later she relents on her promise to kill Sir Guy. She is also angry with Robin, feeling that he gives the villagers false hopes of freedom. Allan and Much both flirt with her extensively during her time with the band; Much in particular is rebuffed harshly, although it is he who comforts her after Matthew is killed. She eventually falls in love with Robin and they share a kiss; she becomes jealous when Robin displays affection for Isabella.

She was, at first, generally disliked by fans of the series; them feeling she was a poor replacement for Djaq and/or Marian. Although she did grow on fans towards the end of the series as she developed over the course of the season.


Kate is an extremely skillful with a sword, able to overpower Guy of Gisborne and several other opponents. Her fighting style is based on cunning, stealth and brute force.



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