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"Get Carter!" is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 21st episode of the series as a whole.


The sheriff hires an assassin named Carter to kill Robin and retrieve the pact. Carter also personally wants Robin dead, who he believes killed Carter's brother Thomas in the Holy Land. The Sheriff taunts Guy and tells him to grow up and get over Marian, who left the minute her father, Edward, died. Meanwhile Carter ingratiates himself with the gang after helping them when they fight the Sheriff's Men in Clun. However while in the forest he goes after the gang one by one, leaving them bound and gagged on a nearby hillside. He then attacks Robin just after Robin sees his gang has been captured. Robin defeats him, hears his story and then explains that Carter's reason for wanting revenge (he believes that Robin was responsible for his brother's death in the Holy Land) is all a misunderstanding. Carter eventually reneges on his promise to murder Robin and agrees to deliver a message to the king in the Holy Land. Djaq gives Robin a drug to appear dead so it seems Carter has succeeded, enabling them to get into the Castle and steal the money Carter was offered.

During the fracas, Lady Marian distracts Guy of Gisborne from seeing the outlaws (who are sneaking around Nottingham Castle) by grabbing his collar and pulling him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Gisborne tells her that it was "the most perfect thing that has ever happened." When she tells him she must leave again, he forbids her to go, but she just walks away from him.

Carter, now in good terms with Robin, starts his journey back to the Holy Land.