Edmund Chauncey
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Rufus (father) †
Daniel (grandfather) †

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"Sins of the Father"

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"Sins of the Father"


Liam Boyle

Edmund Chauncey is the son of Rufus Chauncey. He came to Nottingham Town with his father, who was on a quest for revenge, and became a tax-collector. After Robin and company decide to kidnap Edmund in order to get Rufus to leave, Allan and Kate are captured. Edmund is tied to a tree and left with Tuck. Tuck talks to Edmund about his father and their behaviour. He is able to convince Edmund to think and act on his own and the two head off to find Robin and help him. After freeing Allan and Kate, Robin overpowers Rufus and pins him to the ground. The Sheriff of Nottingham walks in on the scene and it is revealed that Rufus' father, Daniel, was executed because he took the blame for a crime Rufus committed. The sheriff is knocked out and the group escapes. However, Edmund confronts Rufus about Daniel. Rufus blames the sheriff for his death, but Edmund tries guilting him into being a better person. Unfortunately, Rufus does not see this and becomes hysterical. Grabbing a knife, he attempts to stab Edmund but is killed by Robin. Afterwords, Edmund takes a horse and says goodbye to the outlaws before leaving Nottingham.