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Djaq (brother) †
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Sherwood Forest (formerly)
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"Turk Flu"

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"We Are Robin Hood!"


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Anjali Jay

Introduced in the episode "Turk Flu", Djaq is a Saracen who is being transported as a slave. Her true name is Saffia, but she disguises herself as a boy by adopting her dead twin brother's name and appearance. The gang rescues her. Though Robin's outlaws are shocked when Will reveals that she is a woman, they permit her to stay, and she becomes a valuable and well-liked member of the band. She frequently proves herself logical and knowledgeable, often silencing arguments between other members of the band, and is very observant, noticing important details the others miss.

Djaq's father was a physician, and she herself has considerable knowledge of medicine and chemistry, which she uses to serve as the group's medic (notably saving Marian near the end of the first season when she goes into cardiac arrest) and to create the devastating "black powder". She expresses fondness for the entire gang of outlaws, even Allan following his defection. In "A Good Day to Die" she and Will express their mutual love for each other. Following her reunion with her people at the end of the second season, she and Will remain together in the Holy Land.

Djaq is not one of the traditional characters in the Robin Hood legends, although she does follow in the latter-day tradition of a Saracen character being added to the band of outlaws. (See Nasir in Robin of Sherwood from the 1980s, Azeem from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1991, and Achoo from Robin Hood: Men in Tights in 1993). She is, however, the first female character to feature in this role.


Djaq was shown to be a highly skilled swordswoman, showing extreme tenacity and incredible reflexes. She was more than capable in battle and showed outstanding swordsmanship.

She was also highly intelligent and had extremely cunning tendencies. She recognized the Sheriff's indestructible armor and also the black powder explosives. She was deeply passionate in alchemy.