Dan Scarlett
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Jane Scarlett (wife) †
Will Scarlett (son)
Luke Scarlett (son)



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"Will You Tolerate This?"

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"The Angel of Death"


Killed by one of the Sheriff's guards

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Sean Murray

Dan Scarlett, portrayed by Sean Murray, is the father of Will and Luke Scarlett. When his sons are arrested for thievery by Gisborne and are about to be punished, he takes the punishment on himself and loses his left hand. His wife Jane died of starvation two years before Robin's return.

In "Will You Tolerate This?", Dan's sons are again caught stealing again and taken to Nottingham. Robin rescues them from hanging, and he, Will, Much and Allan escape into the forest while Luke stays with Dan. The two of them consequently travel to Scarborough to make a new life for themselves. Upon the supposed return of King Richard (which turns out to be a hoax), Will and Allan contemplate leaving Robin and joining Luke and Dan in Scarborough, but ultimately decide against it.

When the outlaws attack two men in the forest in "The Angel of Death", they soon realise they are actually Dan and Luke Scarlett. They explain that they've come to take Will back to Scarborough with them, but Will refuses to leave Robin's band. In the outlaws' camp, Will and Dan have a fight because Will thinks that his father doesn't stand up for what he believes in. Robin tells Dan that he should see Will's life before he takes it away from him and asks him to come to Nottingham the next day to see what they do. When the sheriff lets Marian announce that there will be a quarantine because of an alleged pestilence, Dan (in order to prove himself to Will), stands up and accuses the sheriff of lying, saying the illness is not the pestilence. He is quickly murdered by one of the sheriff's guards, in front of his horror-stricken sons.