20 October 2007

Written by

Jason Sutton

Directed by

Ciaran Donnelly

Produced by

Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"The Booby and the Beast"

Followed by

"The Angel of Death"

"Child Hood" is the third episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 16th episode of the series as a whole.


A group of boys, consisting of Daniel, Mark and two others, wanders through Sherwood Forest playing a game of "Robin Hood". While playing, they hear a noise and go to investigate. From atop a hill, they witness Sir Guy of Gisborne testing out a new type of armour khdufnudfhizxdckvnzidcjijxcvinxibfvvijnsdfvunsdufijrnsbeijsdfiizjdfijndfionsdkcnkjnasdogijnasbijakjscvisjndfvijksjdnby shooting arrows at a prisoner being forced to wear it. After its success, Guy kills the prisoner and the boys squeal in horror. Guy hears this and spots them, ordering his men to get after them. The boys flee into the forest but Mark trips. Daniel continues running and hides in a ditch while his friends are captured by Guy and his men. Daniel attempts to shoot Guy with his arrow but is stopped by Robin. With Daniel's help, he gathers his gang and they head to the village to save the boys and put a stop to this new armour.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Nottingham talks to his new blacksmith, the one smithing this new armour. He explains that he has a box of special rocks that are worth more than gold to him. However, when Robin and company rescue the boys, he steals this box. Sadly, Daniel is captured so the sheriff offers a trade. If Robin returns the box, the boy will live. If not, the boy will die. Robin plans to cover the box in pitch so he can get the boy then shoot a flaming arrow at the box, igniting it. Unfortunately, Allan A Dale betrays the gang and informs Guy of this.

Marian visits Guy at his home, as part of her espionage cover, but the sheriff implies that she's attempting to seduce Guy. Guy himself accuses Marian of this, and when she denies it, and attempts to leave, he begs her to stay. They share a heated, breathless moment before Marian notices Robin spying on them, and she flees the house, ashamed, and refusing to talk to Robin about what went down. Guy is visibly moved by Marian's visit, and shakes with longing when she leaves; this is a departure from the earlier episodes of this season in which their relationship had been characterized by violence, notably his rage at her assaulting - and then abandoning - him at the altar at the end of season 1.

At the confrontation, Robin and company approach Vaisey. The boy is released into Marian's custody and the box is given to the smith. However, Guy exits a nearby building wearing a full suit of the armour, making him virtually invincible. Especially since Robin's gang must keep their bows on the sheriff's nearby archers. A battle ensues between Robin and the armoured Guy, and ends with Robin shoving Guy into a large tub of water. Robin threatens to drown Guy if the sheriff doesn't hand over the box and repeatedly dunks Guy under water. Marian then joins the fight, sticking a dagger to the smith's side. SHe claims that if the sheriff doesn't save Guy, she will kill the smith and the box will be useless to him. It works, and Robin leaves Guy while Much throws the box into a fire, destroying it.

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  • Guy's armoir bears a striking resemblance to the costume for Robo-Cop, yet another of the show's charming anachronisms.