Cause and Effect





4 April 2009

Written by

Simon J. Ashford

Directed by

Douglas Mackinnon

Produced by

Tom Mullens
Jane Hudson


Jonas Armstrong
Richard Armitage
David Harewood
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Joanne Froggatt

Preceded by

"Total Eclipse"

Followed by

"Lost in Translation"

0"Cause and Effect" is the second episode of Season 3 of Robin Hood and the 28th episode of the series as a whole.


The sheriff's men round up the Locksley villagers and sell them to the Irish, who plan to use them as slaves in an army. Robin and his men are about to interfere but their efforts are hindered by Kate, whom they must save from being killed by Gisborne as she tries to stop them from taking her brother Matthew. Robin sets off to save Matthew, but is himself captured, though the Irishman (named Finn) has no idea who he is and herds him along with the rest of the villagers.

Kate sneaks into the castle to try to save her brother, but is caught by Gisborne, who threatens to have her brother hanged. In order to save Matthew, Kate reveals that Robin Hood is among the captured villagers. Gisborne immediately sets off to find the men, dragging her along.

When they reach Nottingham Castle, where Finn meets up with his brother and cohort Tiernan, who is skeptical of Finn's plan to turn this "rabble" into an army, Robin incites the men of Locksley to fight against their captors, even though they are unarmed and outmanned. However, Gisborne steps in and puts his sword to Kate's throat, threatening to kill her if Robin doesn't stop the fight and surrender. Spotting Kate, Matthew rushes at Gisborne, but Gisborne runs him through and he dies in Kate's arms seconds later. Robin gives himself up and is imprisoned, and Kate flees, to be comforted by Much.

Finn and Tiernan have a heated argument in which Finn accuses Tiernan of having lost his passion for their cause "to free Ireland"; Tiernan storms off. Finn goes to Robin's cell and tries, to no avail, to recruit Robin to their cause. Upon returning to the main level of the castle, he finds that his brother has sold him out to the sheriff, and is promptly imprisoned in the same cell as Robin. He apologizes to Robin, having seen the wrongness of his methods in enslaving the villagers, and Robin shows him the key he stole off Finn's belt earlier. They escape through and up the castle wall, just in time to avoid being questioned by Gisborne.

Meanwhile, Kate has returned to Locksley and had an argument with her mother, who is shocked to learn that Matthew is dead and angry when Kate voices fury against the sheriff, fearing that Kate, too, will get herself killed. Kate returns to the outlaws, explains that it's her fault Robin was captured, and asks to help them rescue the villagers. The outlaws welcome her help, with a promise that she'll obey Tuck's orders. The gang is in Nottingham square when Robin and Finn parachute off the battlements. In the ensuing chaos, they free the villagers—which is especially easy since Finn no longer wants to enslave them and Tiernan is disillusioned with the entire plot—and Finn returns to Ireland, telling Robin he sees the wisdom of recruiting men with a passion for the cause instead of buying up an army of slaves, and promising him that if he gains the throne of Ireland, they are always welcome. Kate, saying she's paid her debt for getting Robin captured, returns to Locksley.


  • First appearance of Kate.