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Canon of Birkley
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Show Me the Money

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Show Me the Money

Canon of Birkley was a greedy clergyman who kept Beatrice as a bondservant ("property of the Church") because her father owed him a large debt and couldn't pay it off before he died. His conniving get-rich schemes with the Sheriff of Nottingham were ultimately thwarted by Beatrice's betrothed, John of York, and Robin Hood. He was directly responsible for the death of Edward of Knighton, and was shot and killed by Robin immediately after. Canon runs over to Robin Hood in Show Me The Money.Canon grabs a knife and holds the blade at Hood's throat.Edward Of Knighton saves Robin and fights Birkley.Robin said that Canon Of Birkley was a man of God who cannot fight.Canon replies to Robin by telling him that he is a man of war who cannot kill.Canon off-screen stabs Edward with his knife.Directly after that Robin kills Canon with an arrow.Robin notices that Edward has been stabbed.Canon Of Birkley is a rich greedy,fat clergyman in a purple shirt.Canon wants money from John Of York.