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Prince John


Prince John

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Nottingham Castle (formerly)



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Ayyubid dynasty

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We Are Robin Hood!


Failure to kill King Richard

"My friends. We are a brotherhood of steel, and our time has come."
Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham[src]

The Black Knights were an organization founded and lead by Prince John, and formed by Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham. Their intentions were to assassinate King Richard and replace him with his brother, Prince John. Membership in this guild was signified by the wearing of a special ring which bore the Sheriff's insignia. In the second season, they signed a special pact, which was stolen by Robin Hood and served as an important plot item in a few later episodes. They are ultimately foiled in the season two finale, after Robin Hood's band warns the king and thwarts their attempts to kill Richard in the Holy Land. Following this fiasco, Prince John permanently disbands the "brotherhood of steel".


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