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Malcolm (father) †
Ghislaine (mother) †
Robin Hood (half-brother) †
Guy of Gisborne (half-brother) †
Isabella (half-sister) †




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Sherwood Forest

  • Outlaw
  • Buccaneer
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"The Enemy of My Enemy"

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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)"

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Clive Standen

"The name's Archer."
"Archer, Archer what?"
"Just Archer"
―Archer to Blamire upon his arrival in Nottingham Castle[src]

Archer was born in secret, the product of an illicit affair between Ghislaine of Gisborne and Malcolm of Locksley.


He was given away and brought up in poverty, unaware of his heritage. Not until years later does he reappear in the story, when Malcolm reveals Archer's existence to his half brothers Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne, and urges them to work through their years of enmity by rescuing Archer, who has been imprisoned and sentenced to death by the Sheriff of York for seducing his wife.

When Robin and Guy first meet Archer in York, he is a man who can sort anyone out with any weapon if the price is right. He has always kept his ear to the ground for whispers of new technologies, exotic arms and dangerous developments. Before meeting Robin and the outlaws, Archer held no allegiance to anyone or anyplace. He was only interested in self-preservation and made his living on the margins.

He is skeptical and wary of his half-brothers, whose existence he knew nothing about, and although they rescue him from the Sheriff's dungeons, he quickly betrays them. Not until he, Robin, and Guy are about to be hanged and are rescued by the outlaws does he straighten up and begin to trust others.

He fights beside the outlaws to capture and defend Nottingham Castle in the finale, and when Robin is fatally wounded by Isabella, he vows to continue defending justice in Robin's name.


Archer has always been an excellent fighter, skilled with many exotic weapons, but lacks a truly meaningful reason to fight. He has a reckless streak, is a bit of a thrill seeker, and is always on the look out for highs to alleviate the lows. He is mischievous, charming, mercurial, and pragmatic, with a very casual propensity to do the right thing. He has seen up close the very worst humanity has to offer, so when he sees simple, innocent ‘goodness’ it stirs something almost unknown within him. The mistreatment of the vulnerable riles him, but prior to encountering Robin he would never intervene unless absolutely certain he could win, showing that he might be less cocky than he appears. His time spent with Robin's gang begins to persuade him that defending justice is worth the risk of losing.

Archer has never had any family to speak of, and, although he is initially wary of Robin and Guy, fighting with the outlaws is the closest Archer has ever felt to "belonging". After Robin's death, Archer vows to fight on in his memory.

Archer personifies the opportunistic adventurer archetype and has spent his life as a soldier of fortune. He hates feeling or being trapped, and has a profound dislike for authority figures.


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