A Thing or Two About Loyalty





2 December 2006

Written by

Paul Cornell

Directed by

Graeme Harper

Produced by

Richard Burrell


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"Tattoo? What Tattoo?"

Followed by

"Peace? Off!"

"A Thing or Two About Loyalty" is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Robin Hood.


For their first outing as an engaged couple, Guy takes Marian to see his friend Lambert blow things up. The sheriff is disinterested until he sees the crater-sized hole left by Lambert's Greek fire powder. Skeptical of the sheriff's promise that he will not use the powder destructively, Lambert is reluctant to hand over the ledger containing the 'how-to-make-Greek-fire' instructions. He attempts to escape with his knowledge, but fails.

Much goes to the castle with the intent of being arrested and getting the ledger from the imprisoned Lambert. Instead, he is made the Earl of Bonchurch by the sheriff, who hopes to use this as an opportunity to get information about Robin Hood and potentially turn Much against his master. While Much is initially excited about being on the Council of Nobles, he soon finds that any influence he hoped to have is quickly squelched by the sheriff and his supporters.

Much does help the peasants under his direct rule, however; throwing a party for them and handing out food and coin. He meets and is immediately charmed by Eve, a servant girl who is secretly a spy for the sheriff, but grows fond of Much (as he sings in the bath), and eventually gives the sheriff false information and helps Much escape back to the forest when he is in danger.

Lambert reveals the location of the ledger to Robin, extracting in turn a promise that Robin will protect it. Meanwhile, Marian and Gisborne have concocted a plan to spirit Lambert away to an abbey if he will hand over the ledger (Gisborne assuming Vaisey will not mind what happens to Lambert as long as he gets the recipe; Marian wanting to spare Lambert further torture at the hands of the sheriff). Robin secures the ledger. Djaq is desperate to read it, as her people have been trying for years to discover the recipe and have so far failed; when Robin refuses, she insists he burn it, which Robin also refuses to do. Guy finds out that Lambert told Robin where the ledger was, and, feeling betrayed, reneges on his and Marian's plan to rescue him, resulting in Lambert's death by torture.

Later, Guy and Marian have a prettily filmed romantic moment under a tree as Marian (who, angry at Guy for not rescuing Lambert, has refused to wear her engagement ring) tries to persuade Guy to trust her. Robin overhears Guy reveal where the barrels of powder Lambert did make are hidden, and there is a giant explosion, which Guy barely escapes. Upon learning of Lambert's death at the hands of the sheriff's torturers, Robin burns the ledger, but as the gang turns away, Djaq salvages it and hides it.