A Good Day to Die





29 December 2007

Written by

Dominic Minghella

Directed by

David Evans

Produced by

Nick Pitt


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay

Preceded by

"Treasure of the Nation"

Followed by

"We Are Robin Hood!"

"A Good Day to Die" is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Robin Hood and the 25th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot Edit

Set on October 14, 1193. Much insists on celebrating Robin's birthday, the outlaws are trapped in a barn by an army of mercenaries in the Sheriff's employ. Knowing that they do not have water to last a week, they make plans to attack their enemy at dawn. Djaq suggests, since they are going to die in the morning, that they all be completely honest with one another. Djaq and Will confess their love for one another (to Much's bored annoyance). However, Little John gets suicidal over the way he feel he abandoned his wife and son, and Much and Robin start bickering over the way their friendship has become strained since their return to England.

Marian tries to kill the Sheriff, who has her tied up. Gisborne reluctantly reveals that he discovered her identity as the vigilante Night Watchman, causing further strain in the relationship between him and Vaisey. Allan splits and runs back to the outlaws, helping them escape the mercenaries. The band makes plans to follow the sheriff and Vaisey (and Marian, whom they are bringing along in chains) to the Holy Land, where they intend to assassinate King Richard. The gang plans to warn the king and save Marian.

Cast Edit