A Dangerous Deal





30 May 2009

Written by

Michael Chaplin

Directed by

Graeme Harper

Produced by

Tom Mullens
Jane Hudson


Jonas Armstrong
Richard Armitage
David Harewood
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Lara Pulver
Joanne Froggatt

Preceded by

"The King is Dead, Long Live the King..."

Followed by

"Bad Blood"

"A Dangerous Deal" is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Robin Hood and the 35th episode of the series as a whole.


When Isabella's brutal husband comes to terrorize his fugitive wife, Kate scolds Robin for attempting to help the obviously frightened and vulnerable woman. Meanwhile, Guy develops a real, human relationship with another inmate while he's on death row, a young noble girl named Meg. Even though they manage to escape prison together, she ends up dying in his arms, after sacrificing herself to save his life, incurring yet another virgin death on Guy's already tormented conscience. Eventually, Isabella kills her brutal husband in self-defense, as no one else wanted to help her and he was about to do something unspeakable to her on her very bed. Robin chastises her for the murder, despite himself having killed numerous guards in a bid to see the false corpse of his beloved King Richard, and Kate tells Robin that she knew all along that Isabella was evil.